StudyEU Amber Road

Amber Road

Strengthening a student-driven higher education lifecycle for future European professionals
along the Amber Road.


Executive Summary

“StudyEU Amber Road” is in the application process to become a student-driven European University Alliance, which unites nine diverse and multifaceted institutions along the historic Amber Road to establish a common higher-education inter-university campus. At its core, StudyEU Amber Road seeks to empower students to become agents of change as future professionals in the dynamic landscape of the European labour market. By placing them at the forefront of decision-making processes and integrating their voices into the governance structure and work plan implementation, the alliance sets a transformative example for fostering a culture of active participation, engagement, and empowerment to become a source of inspiration for the broader higher education sector.

The alliance commits to a holistic transformation throughout the entire student lifecycle, not only addressing educational facets but also integrating recruitment, teaching, quality, research, development, innovation, and societal engagement. Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders, public bodies, NGOs and regional stakeholders and a vibrant engagement with local communities, StudyEU Amber Road bridges the gap between academia and the world of work. It allows the alliance to effectively define and respond to educational needs, and to offer students authentic learning environments provided in cooperation with local employers, supporting also regional development.

The coverage of a specific geographical area is an essential feature of the alliance. The focus on the Amber Road allows to transcend borders between east and west, north and south, respecting the different political, cultural, and economic histories, seeing them as opportunities. As the historic Amber Road connected disparate regions, this alliance aims to build bridges and create a sense of shared identity between members and their communities by fostering not a circulation of goods but a circulation of brains, knowledge and future professionals on this ancient trade route.



StudyEU Amber Road focuses on the individual: the person along the Amber Road and their central roles as student and professional in business. Throughout life, these two roles interact, enrich each other and go hand in hand. The university must fulfil this requirement: to address the needs of business and society and integrate them into higher education. The individual has a regional harbour in the applied university in particular. It remains a lifelong point of contact for all education and qualification needs.
Time and again, the “future EUropean professionals” will anchor here, strengthen themselves and set off again out into the economy and society in order to accomplish their goals and develop further.

Students of today,
professionals of tomorrow




Higher education institutions in 9 European countries


Impact and Ambition

StudyEU Amber Road: An innovative “trade route”
of knowledge and professionals – here to stay and make a lasting impact.

StudyEU Amber Road is committed to creating and maximising long-lasting impact both within the HEIs and across the broader higher education sector, in surrounding communities and in the workplace.
It thus addresses many different areas, the ten most important of which are summarized below: